Everything You Need To Know

Want to style your bouquet the way we do?

Our Lead Florist has put together her top tips to help you

arrange your bouquet like a pro and make your flowers last longer.

The Beauty of Bud to Bloom

To make sure our blooms are the freshest you’ll find,

we pick them when they’re still in bud and send them straight to you.

Cutting out the middleman means you get to enjoy them

in your home for longer. This means they won't arrive looking like

their photograph yet, but watching them bloom over 24-48 hours is so pleasing.

Flowers looking droopy?

Don’t worry if some of your stems look droopy right now.

They’re just sleepy after their journey to you.

Flowers and greenery use water to prop-up their stems

so they’ll perk up when back in water.

A Few Things To Do First

Conditioning your stems before you start arranging them is the trick to helping your flowers to stay fresh for longer.

So don’t skip these steps!

Take off your roses’ guard petals

These brownish outer petals were left on to

protect the delicate inner petals when travelling to you.

Gently pinch them away from the base to remove them. Easy!

Trim your stems at an angle

The ends of your stems will feel dry when you get them,

meaning they won’t be able to drink much water.

Just trim 3-5cm off their ends at an angle to help them out.

Prune some of the leaves away

Remove any leaves that’ll fall below the waterline of

your vase or they’ll deteriorate in the water.

If this happens, they'll drink the dirty water and fade faster.

Need More Help?

Get in touch with our

Customer Delight team who are here to help you.

Choose The Perfect Vase

Not sure which vase to use? Here are some of our favourites.

When you’ve chosen yours, fill it almost to the top with water and your flower food.

The Pickle Jar

We recommend starting with a vase that’s about 8-9cm in diameter,

which is smaller than you might think but helps to make your bouquet look fuller.

The Water Jug

If you’re short on vases, a water jug like this Falcon Enamelware one is a dream to work with.

Just remember to keep checking the water levels if yours isn’t clear.

The Posy Vase

Posy vases are a real must-have. When your bouquet starts to fade,

just pull out the longer-lasting stems and re-arrange them into pretty little posies.

Your vase should be 1/3 of the height of your stems,

so don’t be afraid to trim them down to size if you use a short vase!

Arrange Like a Pro


Trim your stems to different heights

To recreate our look, you’ll need to cut your stems into four heights.

Think of them like stadium tiers!

Trim at least 3-5cm off for the tallest,

then use your vase’s height to guide the smallest

(flower heads should sit on the rim).

Remember to cut a mixture of stems into each tier.


Keep your vase still

We’ve made this bouquet look so full by styling it

from one side only (it’s called a ‘front-facing bouquet’).

So as you start arranging,

pick a side and then don’t spin your vase as you add your flowers.


Start with your support stems

Crisscross your support stems into the vase,

creating a tipi-like structure.

Remember to pop the taller stems at the back of the vase

and the shortest ones at the front.


Then add your focal flowers

Add your focal flowers, one variety at a time.

Again, pop the taller stems at the back of the vase

and shortest ones at the front.

If you’re feeling creative, try to create triangle

shapes with three of the same flower to evenly spread

out the colours and textures.

A Few Things To Do Last

Want to make your bouquet last longer?

Give it a little TLC and it’ll reward you with 7 days or more of beauty. Hooray!

1. Find the right light

Fresh flowers like natural light, but not direct sunlight or heat sources (like radiators).

2. Keep away from fruit

The gases released from fresh fruit can make your flowers wilt really quickly.

3. Keep trimming

Re-trim your stems 1cm and refresh your vase water every 3 days.